Find Your Way Back. We specialize in helping seniors retrain, regain and maintain mobility and cognition through occupational, physical and speech therapy.

Our rehabilitation services aren’t limited to our full-time residents. If you or a loved one needs the reassurance and expertise of a committed rehabilitation partner, we’re ready to provide personalized treatment to help with recovery. Outpatient therapy is available for seniors who live independently or with a caregiver. From general, short-term rehab to specialized, long-term treatment, our rehabilitation experts guide seniors to a whole new way of moving. Gain improved abilities, recover from and prevent further injuries or surgeries, and take back a better quality of life.

Occupational Therapy

Boost confidence and independence in everyday life through our occupational therapy rehab programs that focus on essential skills. Learn how to use modified movement and adaptive equipment to make dressing, bathing, grooming, eating, and everything you need to do, much easier.

Physical Therapy

Improve and increase function and mobility. After a comprehensive evaluation, our physical therapists will build a program to strengthen and increase range of motion, getting back to the purposeful movement needed for an enjoyable life.

Speech Therapy

Our speech therapy team focuses on improving communication, thought processes and swallowing skills to reduce the risk of aspiration and malnutrition. A strong evaluation will give us insight into building treatment sessions to enhance speech and language skills, as well as effective swallowing techniques.

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