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Rehabilitation & Therapy Services


More than just long-term care, Hooverwood also offers short-term rehabilitation services to improve a person’s independence and overall quality of life. Read our residents’ stories of how they regained their strength and skills at Hooverwood.

Physical Therapy
Physical therapy aims to increase a person’s function and mobility. Treatment begins with a comprehensive evaluation. The resulting therapy program focuses on strengthening, increasing range of motion, walking, and using specialized equipment. The goal of physical therapy is to build a patient’s confidence and functional mobility.

Occupational Rehabilitation
Occupational therapy provides skilled treatment that helps patients boost their independence and ability to perform everyday activities. Our occupational therapy programs focus on dressing, bathing, grooming, feeding, and adaptive equipment to restore function and maintain health.

Speech Therapy
Speech therapy focuses on improving communication, thinking skills, and swallowing skills to reduce risk of aspiration and malnutrition. Evaluation and treatment sessions are tailored for each person to enhance speech and language skills, and provide techniques to address swallowing deficits.

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Music & Memory
Hooverwood is proud to be a Music & Memory-certified facility. Through the use of personalized music systems, the Music & Memory℠ program focuses on bringing the therapeutic benefits of music to persons with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

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