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One of Hooverwood’s Friendliest Faces


For Rose Wells, Receptionist here at Hooverwood, coming to work each day is more than something she has to do, it’s something she wants to do. Because for Rose, Hooverwood is more than drywall and tile floors, it’s home, and the residents are more than people, they’re friendly faces.

“Each day brings its own adventures,” Rose says, “but the best days are when I can get a smile and maybe a hug from a resident.”

As Hooverwood’s receptionist since June 2014, Rose’s responsibilities include welcoming new residents to the community, interacting with them as they come to and from their daily activities, greeting guests and helping them find where they’re going, answering the phone, which rings frequently, and brewing the coffee, something Rose jokes, “is most important of all!”

Before working at Hooverwood, Rose’s father was a short-term patient, receiving physical therapy from one of our caring personnel, and it was through this interaction that she saw how considerate our staff are.

“The care my dad received was just incredible,” Rose says. “He referred to Hooverwood as ‘his hotel’ because the staff in his unit always made him feel he was their number one priority. It [Hooverwood] was close to home and convenient for visiting, so I applied and it all happened very quickly!”

The incredible attention each resident receives was something Rose felt compelled to be part of, and when she joined the Hooverwood team, it’s something she continues to strive for.

“I strive to bring some joy to everyone I encounter,” Rose says, which makes her a wonderful addition at Hooverwood. “People carry so many hidden burdens and I believe a smile can make a difference in everyone’s day.”

The “wonderful and soothing” atmosphere at Hooverwood makes Rose’s position more than just her job, but something she’s passionate about.

“My main role is to make everyone feel welcome,” Rose says. “When my day is done, I always feel better knowing I’ve made at least one person feel appreciated that day.”