Category: Senior Care 101
Hooverwood Partners with JCC, Wellness Strategies

Hooverwood, which has served the elderly for more than 100 years, is pleased to announce a new physical and occupational therapy program. The program is the result of a partnership between Hooverwood, the Jewish Community Center (JCC), and Wellness Strategies. … Continue reading

Resolutions for the New Year

It’s a new month, a new year, and a time for resolutions. Some decide to exercise more, read more, or travel more. Others vow to try something new every month. And here at Hooverwood, we have a few goals for … Continue reading

Meet Two of Hooverwood’s Favorite Visitors

Lola, a pug, and Apollo, a Toy Fox Terrier, have been joining Hooverwood’s Unit 2A Manager Cheryl Perry at work, and they’ve quickly become two of our home’s most popular visitors. “The residents just see them and a smile comes to their … Continue reading

A Confidante and Friend

Watching our loved ones growing older can be difficult. Whether it’s a mother going through dementia or a friend who has Parkinson’s disease, later stages of life present challenges for everyone. When these challenges arise, Lori Tichener, Director of Social Services, … Continue reading

Regaining Skills and Strengths at Hooverwood

When she was seeking recovery after back surgery, former Hooverwood nurse Diane Kennaugh knew exactly where she needed to go: Hooverwood. “I was pretty hopeless when I got there,” said Kennaugh. “I could barely walk for all that had happened … Continue reading