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What the Capital Campaign means for Hooverwood
Our Capital Campaign

We’re growing for the future
Here at Hooverwood, our residents’ comfort and quality of life are of utmost importance. From the smallest considerations, like fresh flowers in the lobby, to the largest renovations, like more personalized living spaces, we are dedicated to bringing the comforts of home to each person who steps through our doors.

That is why we are thrilled to announce our Capital Campaign to raise support for a multi-million dollar effort to revitalize our facilities and provide an even better environment for residents, staff, and visitors.


Site Plan


First Floor Plan


Second Floor Plan

Welcomed transformations

To meet our mission of the highest possible quality of care, we are updating our facility.

  • 68 private rooms will be added, reducing the number of semi-private rooms to 24.
  • 24-36 assisted-living apartments will be built, giving residents the opportunity to enjoy their own space comfortably.
  • 102 new, private showers will be constructed throughout the facility, providing residents with a greater sense of well-being and dignity.

Hooverwood Capital Campaign

Holding onto history
Though Hooverwood continues to grow and change, our rich history remains the pinnacle of our purpose. Since our foundation in 1902, our mission has been to be a leader in service and care for residents of all faiths. We are proud to continuously uphold these values, as we have for over a century.

How you can get involved
So far, we’ve secured $26.2 million dollars. This is a triumphant amount, but with your help, we can reach our goal of raising the final $3.8 million.

Hooverwood Capital Campaign Funding

Please take a moment and donate to the Capital Campaign.
Together, we can give residents a beautiful, new home, while preserving their meaningful traditions.