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National Nursing Home Week Brings the Fiesta to Hooverwood

At Hooverwood, we love a good celebration, so when we heard this year’s National Nursing Home Week had a fiesta-style theme we were thrilled.

For the week of May 10 – 16, residents were encouraged to participate in activities correlating with our chosen theme: Fiesta Forever. Each day had something special, from a live mariachi band to a Flamenco dance group. Other events included a fashion show, the music group, Mundo Beat, and a Zumba party.


It was certainly a week filled with new experiences — it’s not every day you get to listen to a live mariachi band in your living room! But one aspect of the celebration stood out above all others, and that was the togetherness the festivities brought to Hooverwood.

“This National Nursing Home Week was very special to all the staff and residents,” said Activities Director, Kira Shemesh. “Everyone participated in all of the daily fiestas.”

We were happy to see residents and staff enjoying a song together, neighbors chatting about style after the fashion show, and family and friends sharing a laugh at the Zumba party.


But, parties are more than just a good time; they’re about family, life, and love and this was demonstrated through the friendly interactions we saw throughout each event. National Nursing Home Week was a great example of how these sentiments thrive in our community, and although the festivities have come to an end, these values can still be seen each day throughout the halls of Hooverwood.