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Meet Hooverwood’s New Director of Nursing


We are excited to welcome our new Director of Nursing, Alicia Harris, to the Hooverwood family. Alicia is at the heart of resident care here at Hooverwood. From daily meetings with nurses to visiting with residents, Alicia works hard every day to make sure Hooverwood is a place of optimal care and performance.

“I’m very excited to be working here at Hooverwood,” said Alicia. “I love the residents and everyone who works here. I’m coming to a place every day where I love what I do.”

One of Alicia’s many strengths is her ability to facilitate open communication throughout Hooverwood. Each morning, Alicia starts her day by talking with residents and staff members, getting a feel for how everyone is doing. She also takes the lead in educating the nurses and staff on new techniques and standards concerning resident care.

“Quality control is extremely important to me and is something I am constantly focusing on,” said Alicia. “Every day I speak with the unit managers and nurses to discuss areas for improvement and what we can be doing better. It’s about respecting the culture of Hooverwood while bringing about positive change.”

Alicia will be at the forefront of new change, as we look to become more advanced in our operations. Hooverwood will soon be transitioning to a paperless system for our records—a move that hospitals and nursing homes nationwide are currently making.  We could not be more happy and excited to have her with us as we look forward to a bright future here at Hooverwood.

“I have experience helping care facilities transition into a paperless system,” said Alicia. “It improves organization and decreases the clutter of having so many papers and binders in the offices and rooms. I’m definitely looking forward to helping Hooverwood take this next step.”