Hooverwood Shares Intercultural Nursing Experience

Hooverwood activity time
Anderson University nursing students and residents at activity time

At Hooverwood, our nurses encounter all different kinds of cultures everyday. No one resident is exactly the same, and our nurses have to be sensitive to each resident’s needs, which naturally extend beyond just physical needs.

To emphasize this, Hooverwood has been privileged to play a part in Anderson University’s unique credentialing program, in which students are required to study intercultural nursing. Each year, Anderson nursing students have the opportunity to visit different cultural communities and observe their holistic care practices, including those of our own community at Hooverwood.

“Caring for people holistically means we can’t separate the physical from the spiritual and the emotional,” said Sarah Neal, Associate Professor of Nursing at Anderson University. “We’re very complex human beings, and you have to take care of the whole person.”

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Hooverwood Executive Director Marc Penner addresses a group of nursing students.

“Hooverwood takes great pride in our ongoing relationship with Anderson University nursing students,” said Marc Penner, Executive Director at Hooverwood. “We look forward to their visit each year and appreciate the students’ interest, enthusiasm, and curiosity.”

Visiting students were able to observe and talk with our staff and to learn about the unique ways Hooverwood cares for the elderly. They had the opportunity to dive deeper into issues of medical ethics surrounding end-of-life stages, the roles of family members in caring for one another, and how values and beliefs are shared.

“Our students say this program is the best experience of their nursing career here,” added Neal. “It’s life-changing.”