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Hooverwood Residents Form Fast Friendship


For Hooverwood residents Joanne and Rosie, friendship was instantaneous.

“We clicked the first day we sat down together,” says Rosie. “It was like ‘that.’”

Rosie is an Indianapolis native who has lived at Hooverwood for four years. She met Joanne, who was born in Lafayette, at dinner. The two were seated together and struck up a conversation. It didn’t take long for them to become fast friends and begin spending more than just mealtimes together. Today, after thirteen months of friendship, Joanne and Rosie enjoy playing blackjack.

“We’re gregarious,” Joanne explains, smiling. “And we like playing.”

Rosie agrees and reminisces about a trip to Las Vegas. “The first time the kids took me to a casino … I sat next to a one-armed gambler. I didn’t win that much, but I didn’t lose, either.”

Joanne — whose husband was in the Air Force and who has lived all over the United States and Europe — chimes in with her own story. “We went to Reno, and I had $20 to spend. I spent it all, but I still had a lot of fun.”

Though the two enjoy weekly blackjack games, their favorite activity here at Hooverwood is Bingo. Rosie mentions activities programmer André Fall, who leads the Bingo games and has worked at Hooverwood for more than 27 years.


“André makes this place,” Rosie says. “She is the most wonderful, active person. She can do anything and she does it well. She loves everybody and we all love her.”

Joanne nods and adds her own thoughts on recreation. “The staff bends over backward to make us happy. They keep us busy.”

When they’re not in the activities room, Joanne and Rosie like to visit each other’s rooms and watch “the boob tube” together. They have even met each other’s daughters.


“If you can’t be at home, this is the best place to be,” says Joanne, who ties her shoes with vivid red laces that “make her feel young.” Rosie is similarly playful, and she jokes that the two Beanie Babies she carries with her keep her company. After posing for a photo together, Rosie and Joanne head to their respective rooms, which are located on opposite ends of the hallway. The distance, however, is no challenge for their friendship.

“We’re buddies,” affirms Rosie.