Honoring Our Loved Ones at Hooverwood

hooverwood chapel

Last week, we had the opportunity to honor the memory of many beloved Hooverwood residents. Families and friends we hadn’t seen in a while joined us in the chapel for a beautiful ecumenical service led by Rabbi Lew Weiss, Pastor Mel Schroeder, and Worth Hartman, the Chaplain at St. Vincent Hospice.

We look forward to the  Hooverwood Memorial Service every year, because, as Rabbi Weiss put it, “We come back together as a family.” Hooverwood is not just a home for our residents—it’s also a place for our residents’ families. As we get to know and care for our residents over the years, we inevitably get to know and care for their family members. We know their stories, we know their names and faces, and we know how difficult it is for them to lose a loved one.

“Spring is a season of new life, hope, and promise,” said Chaplain Worth Hartman. “We’re here to celebrate life and to claim that hope.” Together, Hooverwood staff, residents, and families read the Litany of Remembrance before sharing freshly baked refreshments.

If you weren’t able to join us for this annual service, please feel free to stop by anytime, because we’d love to see you and reminisce about your loved ones. As Hooverwood’s Executive Director Marc Penner said during the service, “We miss them, and we miss you. You are always a part of the Hooverwood family.”