The past 30 days have been a very challenging time for all of us, we’re incredibly heartened by the community support surrounding Hooverwood, especially because you are part of our family. Together, we know we can accomplish anything-Together we are one.

COVID-19 can’t stop our mission to become the premier provider of quality services, support, and care for current and future generations throughout the community wherever you shall live. We’d be honored if you’d consider helping us from the safety and comfort of your home. From giving to our Hooverwood Heroes Fund, to sharing our post on social media,there are lots of ways you can help our community and family at this time. We have established the Hooverwood Cupboard, which provides food and supplies for our front-line staff fighting the COVID-19 battle daily. In addition we have developed a pop up grocery store which allows not only our staff to shop in a safe and secured environment at Hooverwood but, also gives our volunteers and staff the opportunity to be able to shop for seniors living outside of Hooverwood in our community and deliver them meals and supplies straight to their doors! This is the Hooverwood commitment. Hooverwood is a strong vibrant community and in order continue to thrive we need your support!

Donate to our COVID-19 relief fund.
Every little bit counts. Your generous gift will go directly to the Hooverwood Relief Fund so we can take care of our own and provide for those who can’t in our community.

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