From Our Residents: Advice On Being a Father

HWD_Fathers Day_Image

As we prepare to celebrate the special fathers and father figures in our lives this weekend, we talked to a few residents about what they learned in their own decades of experience as fathers. Here is some of the wisdom they shared with us.

“The best thing I think you can do is set them down and talk to them and don’t patronize them. Just talk to them until they understand. My own father was a wonderful father. If you got in trouble, he would just ask, ‘Are you going to do that again?’ And if you did, you knew you would be punished. He wasn’t mean, he was just strict. I loved him. I think about my dad every day somehow. I was a happy child.”

Mr. Garrison, age 80

“Let your kids grow up to be self-sufficient. It’s very important. You can be too generous with kids. Let them find out what life is like on their own. Let them scratch out a living. And let them learn that working is character-building.”

Mr. Careskey, age 95

“Find a good wife. I looked around. And I looked and looked. And I really give my wife more credit than myself for how our kids turned out. I was fortunate in having the foresight to marry her. My advice is: pass up the floozies and the Piccadilly lilies, and find someone who really knows what’s going on in this life.”

Mr. Coogan, age 89