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Enhancing the Healing Process at Hooverwood


Here at Hooverwood, we are dedicated to both long-term and short-term care. With new equipment and experienced staff, we help clients recover on a physical, mental, and emotional level.  

Hooverwood team member has seen first-hand what therapy can do

Our experienced Physical Therapy Assistant, Melinda Stanbrough, works diligently with our clients to help them build strength, endurance, and balance, and to help them get back to their prior level of living.

“Our main focus is to try to get the people back home if they’re here for a short rehab stay,” Melinda says. “For our Hooverwood residents who live here long term, we want to keep them as independent and mobile as possible so they can take part in and enjoy everything Hooverwood offers, rather than staying in bed or their wheelchair all the time.”

Melinda has a long history of involvement in physical therapy. She got her start in the specialty in high school when she took a nursing class during her senior year. Not long after, Melinda saw first hand what people go through during a recovery process, as her grandfather worked to recover from two surgeries and two strokes.

“I was with him through rehab for a very long time, and seeing him and what he was going through, and seeing him be able to get back home, that was really rewarding. That was 14 years ago, and here I am, still doing the job.”

New equipment boosts client success

Melinda uses many different techniques and pieces of equipment throughout her clients’ recovery processes, such as our newly acquired BioDex. This machine uses a combination of elliptical and bike movements to work the upper body, legs, coordination, and balance. Some clients, such as those who are recovering from a stroke, are unable to sit or stand, but they can exercise, and this equipment enables them to do that.

“Ever since we put that piece of equipment into the gym, it’s been used almost non-stop,” says Melinda. “It’s been really, really handy for us, especially with our ortho clients with knee replacements, getting their range back and their strength. And for our residents who are engaged in restorative programs, it’s great to keep their strength and maintenance up.”

Since acquiring the machine, Melinda says she has seen at least two heart recovery clients who have seen huge improvements in a shorter amount of time. With the BioDex machine worked into their therapy, they were able to improve their heart rates and strength and get home quicker.

Says Melinda, “Seeing people get healthy and back to their previous lifestyles is the most enjoyable part of my job.”


Hooverwood resident uses the BioDex, our newest piece of equipment, during his physical therapy routine.