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Dancing Through the Decades at Hooverwood


If you’ve ever thought nursing homes were bland, boring places with just the occasional, halfhearted game of bingo, think again.

In anticipation of National Nursing Home Week 2014, our staff spent the last year planning a weeklong party to celebrate the creativity and community we nurture every day here at Hooverwood. The result? A time-traveling, foot-tapping, hand-clapping good time.

This year’s theme, “Dancing Through the Decades,” transported us back to the 1950s at the start of the week with homemade milkshakes and soda shop bingo. The next day, we took a visit to the 1960s with Motown performer Lonnie Lester. For ’70s day, our staff partnered with Thrifty Threads to present Hooverwood’s 5th Annual Fashion Show. And ’80s day featured, of course, a presentation of The Breakfast Club along with a gourmet waffle bar. We wrapped up our week in the ’90s with the Wendy Reed Band and the Heritage Line Dancers—and our staff showed us all how to do the macarena.


“Hooverwood takes great pleasure each year in going above and beyond in our preparations for National Nursing Home Week,” said Marc Penner, Executive Director at Hooverwood. “This is our industry’s opportunity to honor the residents and our staff in a way that shows people in the community what we mean when we say we care for each other. National Nursing Home Week brings attention to the liveliness and vibrancy that are very much a part of our work and our lives at Hooverwood.”

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