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Celebrating 20 Years with Mike Prince


Our team is a living example of Hooverwood’s mission to be more than just a place to work or reside — we’re a community, a home, and a family. We’re honored to work with experienced and dedicated staff members, many of whom have served Hooverwood for more than twenty years.

Michael Prince, our Director of Environmental Services & Safety, joined us twenty years ago in April. Today, Mike shares stories from his two decades at Hooverwood and tells us what keeps him coming back each day.

What’s your role at Hooverwood?

My department works closely with the Admission Department and Social Services Department to assure room readiness for new admissions and resident transfers within the facility. I oversee the daily operations for the Housekeeping Department staff of 14, the Laundry Department staff of 7, our Medical Bus Transporter and the Assistant Director of Environmental Services. I also work with the Quality Assurance Team to oversee the facilities safety programs.

Where were you before you came to Hooverwood?

I was born and raised in the Bloomington area, where most of my family still lives. Before coming to Hooverwood, I worked for ten years as a Building Supervisor for the Indiana University Bloomington Campus in the Building Services Division where I oversaw the daily operation of the housekeeping and maintenance department for 3-6 academic buildings.

What was your first day at Hooverwood like?

I started working at Hooverwood on Thursday, April 1st, 1993. My first day of work at Hooverwood was very intense. I had no prior experience working in a long-term care environment, and the building was in the middle of a remodeling project. I was also being trained by a supervisor who was leaving his position to me in just two weeks. I did my best not to get lost, and by the end of the day, I was praying I could find my car in the parking lot and remember how to get home. I remember going home and telling my wife that this job was going to be interesting and challenging.

What do you look forward to every day when you come to Hooverwood?

My reason for coming into work each day at Hooverwood is the residents. They touch my heart each day. The time I get to interact with them and make them smile is what makes me smile and feel good about what I do.

What’s one of your favorite workplace memories from the last twenty years?

I have many positive workplace memories; most of them involve the residents I have met over the past twenty years. Recently, I found a small red coin purse in the laundry department. Inside the coin purse were two small, metal items I had never seen before. I took the coin purse to the nursing department where residents’ lost-and-found items are kept.

About a week later, I was walking through the 2A unit and overheard a conversation between a nurse and a man who was looking for a small red coin purse. I informed him that I had found a coin purse fitting that description and taken it to the lost-and-found. When I returned back to the unit with the purse, he was relieved. The man proceeded to tell me that the purse and the items inside were an irreplaceable gift given to his mother many years ago by a very special person and that these items were very dear to his mother, a Hooverwood resident. That made my day.

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