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Caring in Sub-Zero Temperatures


At Hooverwood, we’ve always known we have an exceptional staff. But during the snowstorm a few weeks ago when temperatures dropped below zero and transportation was nearly impossible, we realized our staff isn’t just helpful — they’re heroic.

On Sunday, when most people were at home preparing for the worst, Marc (Executive Director), Mike (Environmental Services Director), and Noe (Maintenance) were outside cleaning snow off of cars and pushing cars out of snow-covered parking spots.

Later that same day, when Jennifer (Evening Nurse) was nearing the end of her shift and Jackie (Night Nurse) was just beginning hers, Jennifer went into labor. Jackie drove her through the storm to Community North Hospital, made sure she was okay, and then drove the icy roads 12.5 miles back to Hooverwood to complete her shift.

When Monday came around and a non-essential travel ban had been implemented in the area, our kitchen was short-staffed. Marc, Mike, DeAnn (Gift Shop Manager), and Jeff (Environmental Services Assistant Director) came in to help Peter (Food Services Director) and Larry (Food Services Associate) make cold deli sandwiches for the residents and staff. And Kira (Activity Director) arrived just in time to warm us all with her homemade chocolate chip cookies.

Dan and Lynn, two of our volunteers, braved the weather to offer help in any way they could. Dan drove to the grocery store to pick up 50 loaves of bread while Lynn helped serve food in the nursing units. And Kim, our Evening Nurse, walked to work in sub-zero temperatures.

As the storm wore on, Mike, Jeff, Bill (Maintenance), and Larry (Maintenance) helped re-park several employee’s cars in order to clear the parking lot for the snow plow’s arrival. Staff who were already at Hooverwood drove to pick up stranded employees and family members of residents.

The list goes on.

We’re happy to say these employees received a generous bonus for every hour they worked during the storm, along with free meals. And although we typically only have one Employee of the Month, this February we’ll honor them all as the Employees of the Month.