A New Look for Hooverwood
Jenn Presents New Identity to Hooverwood Staff

Jenn Hoffman from Pivot presents new look and videos to Hooverwood staff

Hooverwood has a rich history of honoring the wellbeing and traditions of our residents, their families, and our staff. And as a teaching and research facility, we are constantly looking to the future of senior care and our role in the senior community.

Which is why we are excited to announce our new look. We partnered with Pivot Marketing in Fountain Square to develop a new identity and website that better reflects our heritage, people, and philosophy of compassionate, person-centered care.Hooverwood Logo and Tagline

New Logo & Tagline

Hooverwood’s new logo was inspired by the beautiful stain glass windows in the Glazer Family Chapel. We chose bright, new colors that reflect the warmth, vitality, and traditions of Hooverwood.

Our new tagline, “Caring, for generations,” honors Hooverwood’s legacy of care from its founding as a shelter for the poor in 1908. And, since Hooverwood was established as a senior care facility in 1929, our home has been providing care for generations of families. Hooverwood doesn’t only care for its senior residents, but for their children and grandchildren.

New Website & Blog

Hooverwood’s new website is warm and bright to convey our home’s energetic, social environment. It features our residents and staff throughout with custom photography and heartwarming videos.

Hooverwood employees respond emotionally to videos

Hooverwood employees respond emotionally to videos

The Our Story section honors our history, staff, and the Jewish traditions that provide the foundation for Hooverwood’s high standards of care and compassion.

The new Hooverwood blog allows us to keep you up-to-date with all the activities and exciting news here at Hooverwood. We also look forward to sharing our experience and knowledge with the families of residents, or those looking for information about senior care.

Other features of our new site include:

We hope this new looks conveys what Hooverwood is: a home-like, friendly environment where seniors and their families receive the highest quality care. We invite you to follow our blog and Facebook page and be a part of the Hooverwood family.